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Helping People to Help Themselves

Since 1965, the Mississippi County Arkansas Economic Opportunity Commission has been devoted to its mission of promoting self-help for low-income people and neighborhoods. The MCAEOC plays a major part in empowering disadvantaged people of Mississippi County, providing them with the right resources to overcome poverty, live with self-respect, and achieve their complete potential. Through its many services and programs, MCAEOC is committed to improving the socioeconomic conditions of the residents of Mississippi County.

An essential element of MCAEOC programs is the development and  implementation of long term solutions. MCAEOC is successful at creation and  implementing programs that meet the needs of local residents. Our programs  address wide range of community issues and we are in a unique position to bring  these diverse programs under one overriding mission of sustainability.

Through its neighborhood services centers and special projects, MCAEOC provides a community-based system of service provision to and advocacy for the  poor to meet their needs and to enhance the quality of their lives, regardless  of race, religion, sex, age, handicap or national origin. MCAEOC provides some  services directly and refers people to other available services.


~ Our Promise to You ~

At the Mississippi County Arkansas Economic Opportunity Commission, you will receive the kind of quality service you expect from a community organization. Our commission is always evolving as the needs or our community change. You can rest assured that, working with the Mississippi County Arkansas Economic Opportunity Commission, you will enjoy the latest technology and services.

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