Healthy Start

Pregnant? Small Child? Father?

Who can participate? 

  • First time Mom

  • Mom with multiple pregnancies

  • Mom with a child from 0-2 years of age

  • A teenager who is pregnant

  • Father of the child from 0-2 years of age


Primary Focus:


The primary focus of healthy start is to reduce infant mortality, pre-term births and low birth weights in Mississippi County. Healthy Start aids in improving the health of mothers and children before, during, and after pregnancy, up until the age of two. Healthy Start builds a foundation at the community level to assist women, infants and their families in reaching their fullest potential.

Some of the goals of Healthy Start is to reduce various factors that contributes to poor access to health services, healthy start works to improve the quality of the local health care system, assist with building confidence and empowering women and their families and expand the public’s involvement in health care options.

Healthy Start serves women and men of reproductive age, pregnant women, mothers who have just given birth, infants and the family as a whole.

Services provided are:

  1. Prenatal
  2. Postpartum
  3. Well baby care
  4. Adolescent care
  5. Reproductive life planning
  6. Women’s health
  7. Parenting classes
  8. Breastfeeding education

Fathers can be supported through Healthy Start’s Fatherhood Initiative Program and consumers can be enlightened through Healthy Start Community Action Networking (CAN) which is made up of families, community leaders and organizations from private and public sectors that are located in your area.


Overall, Healthy Start succeeds by improving outcomes for people through reducing infant mortality improving access to health care and by removing barriers to healthcare access.


We offer the following services:

  • Prenatal and Infant Education
  • Free Transportation for medical appointments

Areas of services: Mississippi County
Contact: (870)
                278-9535 Judy Johnson
                278-9532 Lisa Mitchell
                278-9537 Veronica Walker

Mississippi County Healthy Start Initiative
P.O. Box 1289 Blytheville, AR 72315