✓ Read every day! Take turns at reading to your child and having your child read to you, asking questions to promote comprehension skills.

✓ Be positive, speaking well of school and learning. Encourage your child to talk about all of the fun things they have done or are going to do at school.

✓ Create a consistent after-school routine, including meal times, homework time and play time. Creating a visual display of this for your child can be very beneficial.

✓ Ensure your child is getting plenty of sleep on a school night, so they are fresh for school in the morning.

✓ Encourage your child in all aspects of academics, praising them both in their success and their efforts.

✓ Teach your child to be responsible for their actions, encouraging them to take responsibility for getting ready.

✓ Stay involved! If interested, inquire about volunteering within the classroom or about ways to support your child’s learning at home.

✓ Communicate! Keep in regular contact with your child’s teacher.

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