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PRISCILLA JOHNSON, Executive Director

Dear Parents:
          I would like to extend a warm welcome on behalf of the Mississippi County Arkansas Economic Opportunity Commission, (MCAEOC) Inc.  MCAEOC is strongly committed to the Head Start Program and the families and children we serve. Since its inception in 1965, the MCAEOC Head Start Program has proven successful in providing comprehensive health, nutrition, education, parent engagement, social services to the residents of Mississippi County. This community-based child and family program continues to ensure that these children are able to enter school ready to learn and be competitive with children around the world.
          I believe that Head Start is one of the most beneficial programs the nation has enacted. However, it cannot succeed without your continued support from you and the community. We need parents, teachers, administrators, and extended family members to join us and lend their talents to help make our Head Start program a success.
          Thank you on behalf of MCAEOC and may you find continued prosperity throughout the school year.


Priscilla Johnson
MCAEOC, Inc Executive Director

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